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Student  Violins

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Minet #2 on A300 Violin - Bach

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Suzuki Books 1 & 2

A300 Testimonials

"I teach a little girl who has one of your 1/16 violins, and I am very happy with it. This violin was just perfect--an excellent tone at a very affordable price."​ Jeanne Grover Suzuki Violin Teacher "I had searched many music stores, online stores, the classifieds, and neighbors' closets for a good quality 1/2-size violin for my son for several months. When I saw Day Violins at an Expo event, Adam let me play several violins. The sound was absolutely beautiful and the tone surpassed all others I had looked at. When my son played it for the first time, he couldn't stop grinning because he knew he sounded good compared to the tin can sound from his previous violin. I feel I got a GREAT deal on a quality instrument. Thank you, Adam."​ Carrie Young Mother

Having trialed instruments from all over the world the Kreutzer A300 consistently comes out on top as the best solution for a beginner on a budget. The A300 easily compares tonally with instruments twice the price. ​ The A300 is hand-made and hand varnished with three-year-aged spruce and maple. It includes a hand-carved bridge, perfectly fitting soundpost, Wittner tailpiece, carefully selected high-quality strings for optimal tone, ebony fingerboard, and a date wood chinrest. It's outfitted with a brazilwood bow and a case for the first time buyer. ​ For more information: please call us or visit our showroom today!

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