Electric & 5 String

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NX Electric Violins

For both the accomplished and curious violinists, at some point the thought of playing and owning an Electric Violin is inevitable. They are not only eye catching and flashy but also incredibly fun to play. 

The NX Electric Violin is made from the finest materials, and is built with a center of mass such that it feels no different from its classical counterpart. It has a rib arch on the top of the neck to simulate the feel of an actual violin. It also has a fully adjustable and customizable shoulder and chin rest that are easy to match to any player. With a solid-piece bridge and pickup system, this violin produces fabulous tone quality, especially when paired with a Fishman Loud Box amp. 

Included with this Electric Violin is an ergonomic case, and a customized set of strings to really enhance the tone.

WAS: $3480

IS: $1740

Only 1 Remaining @ 50% Off MSRP!

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Kreutzer/Sacchini  5 String

The Kreutzer & Sacchini violins and violas are a favorite of students, parents, teachers, and professionals alike. After many requests, any A300 to A1000 in the Day Violins’ student & advanced instrument lines, can be custom made as a 5 string instrument. Being that these instruments are custom built, please visit us with any inquiries or questions regarding time frame, cost, and availability. 

Pricing Starting at $695