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With our trade-in program, occasionally instruments come back into our shop with some cosmetic damage that costs more to repair than the resale value of the instrument. When these instruments do come in, we assess them and determine whether we will repair them or sell them as scratch and dent instruments. In general, when the estimated restoration work exceeds more than 30% of the value of the instrument, we place it for sale in our scratch & dent center. 

As can be seen in the sample images to the left, the instruments in our scratch and dent center have merely cosmetic damage. This damage can range in size and appearance but is never detrimental to the overall integrity of the instrument or its tone. The images to the left represent an instrument that qualifies for the scratch and dent center. The damage seen is typical but does vary per instrument.

Due to the nature of scratch and dent instruments, these instruments will sell as is, will carry no warranty, and are not candidates for the Day Violins' trade-in program. Furthermore, scratch and dent instruments will be priced on an individual basis and will include a case and bow. 

For more information regarding pricing and availability, please contact us or visit our store. 

For instrument purchases and repairs, please call to make an appointment.


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