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Having trialed violas from all over the world the Kreutzer A300 consistently comes out on top as the best solution for a starting violist.

These instruments are always set up at the highest standards and often compare in tone with violas twice the price.

These hand-made violas are made from three-year-aged

spruce and maple.

Set-up includes a hand-carved bridge, perfect fitting soundpost, Wittner tailpiece, carefully selected high quality strings and date-wood fittings. 

Each student outfit comes complete with a Brazilwood bow and case.

It's the perfect choice for a first-time buyer on a budget. 




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The Kreutzer A400 is a fabulous student instrument that produces deep, rich tone.

With four-year aged Russian wood, maple sides,  hand-applied spirit varnish, a seamless sound post and bridge as well as a set of strings picked out to match the personality of the viola, the A400 truly plays with a consistent and deep rigor that performs better than many other instruments at that level on the market.




The A500  model is richer in tone and projection than the A400  model.  This is acheived because the oil varnish allows the viola to breath better, while the higher quality strings contribute to a clearer tone and ease of play without sacrificing warmth. The spruce and maple are allowed to age four years before being hand carved.  

The instruments are always set up with the highest standards. In fact, they are comparing in tone with violas twice the price! Setup includes a hand carved bridge, perfect-fitting soundpost, Wittner tailpiece, Vision Solo strings and ebony fittings.

The Kreutzer A500  also comes complete with a full-lined Brazilwood bow and wood case.




The A600, although listed on the “Student Viola Page”, is actually where the Kreutzer line steps out of the student viola world and really shines out as a mature, distinguished, rich, deep and projective instrument. The Kreutzer A600 has not only the professionally handmade oil varnish, but also a European Spruce top with maple sides  accompanied with a professionally cut seamlessly placed sound post and bridge. The Kreutzer A600 is truly the biggest bang for the buck, and ultimately shines out as a great advanced viola that helps most any player feel like they can finally play and sound like the pros.


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