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Student  Cellos

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We highly recommend an A400 for a first-time player if the budget allows. The A400 is made from four years aged maple and spruce; which gives it better ease of playability and a more focused, rich tone when comparing it with an A300 model. As with every instrument at Day Violins, the A400 is set up to the highest standards. Complete with a seamless fitting sound-post, custom hand-carved bridge, ebony fittings, Wittner tailpiece, and carefully selected high-quality strings for optimal tone, the A400 competes with instruments that are nearly double the price. For the first time buyer, the A400 includes a soft cello bag and student-level brazilwood bow. For more information regarding the A400, please refer to the testimonials and don’t hesitate to visit or give us a call.

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Suzuki Books 2 & 3

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