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Instrument Trades

At Day Violins we have a strong understanding of how exciting getting a new instrument can be for both the new and experienced player. We also understand how much it costs to switch instruments from one size to another or even when switching from one quality to another. This is why we are excited to offer a trade in program, where any instrument purchased at our store and still owned by the original purchaser can be traded back in for up to 100% of the original purchase price. With this, any instrumentalist, no matter age, skill level or financial situation, can work towards getting an instrument that meets their needs. 

How do Trade-in's work?

*When instruments are traded, the value of your previous instrument goes  towards the next one, minus refurbishment fees. These refurbishments are meant to reflect basic yearly needs of your instrument:


             New Strings, Deep Clean and Varnish Touch Up.

*When trading bows, the value of the old bow goes towards the next one minus a discounted rehair fee.

*Cases are always discounted as you trade up. 

*Trade-in's are one-for-one.

*We do not buy back instruments/bows.

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