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Here at Day Violins, we strive to offer the highest quality services and instruments. Below are some samples of the feedback that we have received from students, parents, teachers, and well-known professional musicians.

Well-Known Musicians

From the Web

I currently have 28 violin students, and 23 of them (plus my own phenomenal violin) have instruments from Day Violins. It is such a relief being able to send students to Adam's shop, and not having to worry About the quality and tone of the violins that come back. I have yet to hear a violin from Day Violins that I have not loved the play-ability and tone. Perhaps the most telling trend I have noticed is that as a violin teacher, I have had much higher student retention since I started referring students to your shop as well. Good, quality instruments make for happy students, which makes for a very happy teacher

~Sarah Coley~

Adam Day has a clear competitive advantage in the industry, not just as an expert luthier. One can tell by his passion for violins, that it was his true calling! He also has a gift to connect with people, and my family had a great experience! Thank you, Adam!

~Francois Dassapa~

I think Day Violins has emerged as one of the leading shops for professional and student violinists in the state. I first had my own violin worked on at Day violins about 8 years ago. After being unsatisfied with the adjustments of another well respected violin maker, Adam placed a new bridge on my violin and completely overhauled my setup. My violin sounded so much deeper and richer than it had ever sounded before! I have also found that the violins he sells are the highest quality and best sounding for the money I have seen anywhere. One rare trait I have observed about the shop is total integrity. Adam has always been completely up front and honest with me in my dealings with him. I love how he recommended once that a student should buy a violin from a competitor because he felt that the competitor's violin was a better fit! This is the place to go. I have always had first rate experiences at Day Violins during the past 8 years or so that I have been going there. Love the new remodel, by the way!

~E Petersen~

I needed to purchase a violin for my daughter to start taking violin at school. After shopping around, I found the best quality violin at the best price at Day Violins. He offered free tune-ups for her, and also upgrades/trade-ins as my daughter grew in size and talent. The integrity that Adam Day has is unmatched in this business. I feel that Adam Day would do whatever it takes to earn your business. His pride and expertise in what he does is also unmatched. You cannot go wrong with using Adam Day as your shop for violins. Highly recommended.
After posting my review, I read some of the others, and feel I need to edit mine to say something about the negative review by Rebecca Rogers. I have to believe that this was a competitor trying to get a leg up over Day Violins. Look...I have known Adam a LONG time, and the experience she recounted just isn't him. Period. It just speaks to other business' integrity. I know that Adam will help any violin musician any way he can, even if it is not his own violins.

~Brian Thomas~

We travel from Berkeley, CA to Adam's shop in UT for all our violin and viola needs; his service is unmatched by any of the shops we have visited, even our fine shops in the San Francisco Bay area. But this review pertains to our newest purchase: two months ago, we bought a lovely little viola from Adam. We were looking specifically for an instrument to fit our violinist daughter, who needed to go back and forth between instruments. Well, we spent less than we'd budgeted for an instrument that was far better than we'd hoped--the faculty in our daughter's chamber music program specifically asked what she was playing and where we'd gotten it. And we know that, since we bought from Day Violins, that Adam's expertise--along with that of his staff, especially his fine bowmaker, Michael, that the instrument will sound wonderful for many years to come.

~Jennifer Renton~

Adam is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and his instruments are fine quality at a fair price. As a professional musician and teacher, I highly recommend Adam Day Violins for both purchase and repairs. He works efficiently to take care of all my instrument needs and gives fantastic suggestions for improvement of sound. Adam's staff are also extremely helpful and friendly, so there's never a bad time to stop in and shop for fine string instruments and accessories.

~Ashley Braithewaite~

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