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Signature Setup

Sound Upgrades by Adam Day

At Day Violins, we set up each instrument that comes through our shop. This means that when you purchase a violin, viola, or cello from us, you get a hand carved bridge and a perfect-fitting soundpost giving you essential 100% connection and tone that sets YOU apart! 

Whether we set up your violin or ours, we typically find that this meticulous setup has the potential for a 20-40% increase of overall play-ability, projection, and rich focus. By incorporating the right recipe of strings and other fittings, exact measurements, and top materials, any instrumentalist will be amazed with the tonal improvements.

We appreciate feedback from players, teachers, and performers and commit to using our knowledge and skill to continue to improve our product. Our standards are high because we know that violin-making, much like practicing, is critical to keeping you at the top of your game.

Day Violins Perfectly Fitted Cello Soundpost

Violin with Warped Bridge

Violin with Bridge at 90°

Tribute to

Adam Day Violins

Sound Upgrade


"My violin needed some repair work done this summer, and I was looking for a new shop with quality service, good workmanship, and competitive pricing. . . . Day Violins let me borrow a fantastic instrument . . . . When I got my violin back, the tone was so full and gorgeous. Now I am recommending that all my students go to Day Violins. Thank you!"

Kayleen Pemberton
Suzuki teacher.

"I always enjoy working with Adam Day. He has worked on my personal violins, student and BYU violins. Every violin has come back with more focus in the sound and a richer tone quality. It is the most improvement I've seen in sound set up from anyone in the business. I recommend his sound post, bridge and string analysis to anyone wanting to improve the sound of their instrument."


Monte Belknap, 
Violin Professor
Brigham Young University School of Music

"In May 2011, I met Adam Day for the first time at his store in Lehi, Utah. From the first handshake and introduction I felt of his integrity, his very confident yet humble approach in offering his expertise, and his genuine and cordial concern for my needs as his customer. . . . . I came to Adam with my Dale Stevens violin, No. 114, made in 1965. My violin has traveled with me to many places between church and military service and it was greatly in need of a "major overhaul." I was pleasingly overwhelmed when I played my violin after he completed what he calls a 'sound upgrade'--to include a sound post adjustment, new bridge, totally new string set-up with strings selected to enhance and maximize acoustical properties and tone, shim of the nut for improved string height, gluing of an open bout joint, and several other minor adjustments. I detected an immense improvement in sound projection and the warmth, clarity, and character of tone, as well as in the overall feeling of the instrument. I highly recommend Adam Day as an exceptionally skilled craftsman who endeavors to be the best in his profession."

Gerald T. Omer, December 2011
North Las Vegas, Nevada

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