Round Mute
Available for violin, viola, and cello
Tourte Style Mute
Available for violin, viola, and cello
Spector Mute
Violin Only
Bech Magnetic Mute
Prevents buzzing and it never falls off! For violin and viola
Heifetz Mute
Violin only
Rubber Practice Mute
Available for violin, viola, and cello
Artino Practice Mute
Violin Only
Brass Mute
Violin Only
Chrome Mute
Violin Only
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Teaching Tools

String Swing
Available for violin, viola and cello
Bow Stoppers
To help your student learn how to utilize every part of the bow
Wittner Tuning Fork
Planet Waves Tuning Fork
Don't Fret Finger Tapes
Pre-measured finger tapes in one sticker! Available in All sizes for violin, viola and cello
Bow Right
Help your student stay in the right lane!
Bow Master
For a more comfortable bow grip
Pyramid Pitch Pipe
Available for Violin, Viola and Cello
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Cello Accessories

Xeros Stopper
BEST SELLER! Never worry about your end pin slipping again!
Viva Stops
Extra grippy. Available in Red, Blue, Purple, Green, and Black
Artino Wood Stoppers
Never slip again! Available in Walnut and Rosewood.
Artino Stopper: Cello shaped
Has an adjustable belt that hooks to your chair
Slip Stop
Available in Red, Blue, and Black
Adjustrite Cello Chair
Completely adjustable...adjust the height and the angle to your liking! Foldable.
Available also in Tall
Adjustrite Cello Stool
Deluxe adjustable stool for the young cellist
Wolf Eliminators
Available in several different weights. Bring in your cello...we'll help you find the right one!
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Cleaning and Maintenance  

Hill Cleaner
Our recommended cleaner/polish
Microfiber Cloth
Ideal for polishing your instrument
RDM Cello Humidifier
A cello must-have, especially during the winter!
Damp-it Violin
The humidifier that you can leave inside your instrument!
Stretto Humidifier
Available for violin, viola and cello
Peg Compound
Perfect for slippery pegs
Peg Dope
Sticky pegs? Peg dope is an easy fix!
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