Defining the artistry of sound: 

***Day Violins will have a large portion if inventory available at the ISSI camp June 20-25, 2022.
If you wish to view instruments at our Murray location, please call 801-288-9999 for an appointment!***

We're committed to bringing each instrument up to its tonal potential.

"... I consider Adam Day, to be the finest stringed-instrument expert I have ever consulted. His

prodigious intuition is matched by his innovation.

His ego-less approach to the craft has allowed

him to open his mind to the potential each

instrument has to fulfill the measure of its creation.

I wholly, happily, unreservedly recommend his instrument making and maintaining expertise."

~Steven Sharp Nelson~

Cellist, The Piano Guys

"I certify that every instrument we sell at Day Violins is hand-carved and set up at the highest level, regardless of the price."

    ~Adam Day, Luthier~