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Advanced  Violins

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The Sacchini A900 is a superb instrument for the violinist looking for soloistic clarity, and pure silky rich tones. With beautiful hand-brushed oil varnish, European spruce woods, a professional maple bridge, and soundpost, the A900 is an instrument that sings beautifully for any occasion. It is a perfect match for the late-advanced player, or even as a professional's back up instrument.

On top of the specially cut Day Violins' seamless sound post and bridge, the luthier Adam Day has specifically found a set of strings for the A900 so that the overall harmonics and tones of the violin are matched to make it sound and play at its absolute best.
For the first time buyer, the A900 includes an oblong hardwood-case and fully-lined brazilwood bow.

For more information: please call us or visit our showroom today!

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