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Advanced Violins

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3/4 Silver...................$4850

 7/8 Silver...................$5500

Worth their weight in Gold, the Ming Jian Zhu violins are the preferred instruments by top teachers, early professionals, and quickly advancing students. With a tone that compares to violins in the $15,000-$20,000 price range, these violins will astound the most accomplished soloists. The Ming Jian Zhus are complete with a custom Adam Day soundpost, bridge, and string analysis. The Day Violins setup on the Zhus improves both the overall tone and performance of the instrument and often adds 30-40% more depth, power, clarity, and warmth. The Zhus from Day Violins are currently placed with students in top teaching studios, universities, and symphonies such as The Julliard School of Music, Utah's Gifted School of Music, The Utah Symphony, and The Orchestra at Temple Square amongst others.

Zhu- Testimonials

I have been so astonished with the performance and tone quality of the Zhu! I have played many professional violins, and in many cases the Zhu is comparable if not superior in tone and easy of play-ability. It has the depth and projection that shakes your chest while you play, and the tone easily fills any room I've played in. When I started shopping, I was looking for the rich mature tone that older instruments have, but knew that with the purchase of a new instrument that type of mature tone might not be immediatly available. However, after playing the Zhu I was amazed at the maturity it already had. Not only that, but with every passing day I noticed the tone becoming more mature, and within a month or two the maturity I craved was entirely there. Even to this day, it's tone is beautiful, rich, focused and mature! For the money this violin is an absolute steal! I am so happy I purchased a Zhu from Adam Day! 

Jordan B.

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4/4 Bronze............. $4500

4/4 Gold.................$6500

4/4 Platinum...........$8500


4/4 Silver..................$5500

 4/4 Onyx...................$7500

4/4 Diamond...........$9500

Other Models:

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