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Violin Bows

Student Bows

Kreutzer 101 Bow

Half lined Brasilwood Bow 

The Kreutzer 101 violin bow is a good brasilwood bow for the first time player. It is made with a half lined ebony frog and horse hair. It is included with the Kreutzer A300 & A400 outfits, and is preferred to fiberglass bows for tone.  


The Kreutzer 101A violin bow is the second step up in student violin bows. It is made from a similar cut of brasilwood as the 101 bow. The octagonal shape gives the bow a much tighter controlled balance, preventing it from collapsing in the middle while playing. It is made with a full lined ebony frog with mother of pearl inlay and horse hair. This bow is preferred for the beginner, as it enables better technique and tone. This bow is also included with the Kreutzer A500 through the Sacchini A700 violin outfits. 

Kreutzer 101A Bow

Full lined Brasilwood Bow



The S201 Intermediate student bow is hand crafted from the Brazilian Paubrasilia tree, also knows as the Pernambuco tree. It is a beautiful bow which has a well balanced weight distribution from tip to frog, as well as a tight grain which allows the bow to produce steady, consistent tones while playing. Suited for advancing student players, the S201 Pernambuco bow will help make learning proper bowing technique much easier, and is often necessary for many students who are starting to play concerto repertoire. 

Sacchini 201 Bow

Full lined Nickel plated Pernambuco 


Early Advanced

The S301 Sacchini violin Bow is made from a higher grade pernambuco wood which is cut closer to the center of the tree where the rings are tighter. This offers a much more distributed weight and balance through out the entire bow, giving it the right amount of flex and control. 

 This bow is fully-lined with German nickel plating, an ebony frog, and a beautiful mother of pearl inlay. This bow is tailored for the Advanced violinist or the retired high school violinist looking for a bow that will give them a beautiful tone and bring back the memories of the good ol' days without breaking the bank. 

Sacchini 301 Bow

Full lined German Nickel plated Pernambuco Violin


Late Advanced

Fleur De Lis Bow

Snakewood-Water Buffalo Horn-Albino Water Buffalo Horn

The Fleur De Lis bows, available in Water buffalo horn, Albino Water Buffalo Horn, and Snake Wood do not only look beautiful, but also pull clear, crisp, rich, exceptional tones from the instrument which it is played on. Having trialed many violin bows here at Day Violins, we are happy to say that these bow are worth their weight in gold, and often compete with bows that are almost twice their price.

 With the bow stick made from high end pernambuco wood, these bows offer the control, tone, and balance that every professional desires to have. 



Sacchini 401 & 401A Bows

Full lined Italian Silver Plated Bow

The Sacchini 401 bow is made from the absolute highest grade of pernambuco available. It is also haired with the best Mongolian Stallion hair and is fully lined with Italian silver on the frog. Wrapped with pure silver wrapping and various types of leather, as well as having perfectly graduated weight distribution across the bow focusing around the desired weight of 61 grams, the Sacchini 401 and 401A bows are great bows for the advanced player or the professional that is looking for a fabulous backup bow that still supports their playing needs.


The Sacchini 401A bow  is made to resemble professional master bows that have been highly regarded throughout the world. 


The Master Replica series by Arcos Brasil are gorgeous bows that have been made to match and resemble bows that have been long loved and sought after. They are made from the absolute best pernambuco available. With the finest silvers, golds and leathers, the Master Replica bows really do stand out to be some of the best professional bows for the money. With various models like the Sarasate, Sartory, Lamy, & Peccatte there is  a master bow in stock that will suit even the most demanding player.  

For inquiries regarding stock and bow testing, please give us a call.

Master Replica Bows

Made with the finest quality pernambuco by Arcos Brasil.



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