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Violin Sizing Guide

Instrument sizing is the very first step to finding an instrument. Having an instrument that is too big can cause fatigue, and for young players, it can cause frustration in playing. Although there is not a perfect sizing technique, we hope some of these sizing suggestions can help you find the correct size.

Arm Sizing.jpg

Using a measuring tape or yardstick, measure from the center of the palm of the left hand to the neck of the player. While measuring, make sure that the arm and wrist are fully extended, are straight, and aligned in a comfortable position to the side of the player's body.  Please see the attached image to the left for an example. Ideally when holding the insturment, the left arm will form a 90 degree angle as can be seen in the image on the right.

Arm Sizing 2.jpg
Sizing Chart.jpg

*For players with longer fingers and arms that extended longer than the measurements per size listed in the table, you may consider going up a size. However, if you are unsure, it is recommended to choose the smaller instrument. If you would like to speak to a string specialist call 801-288-9999*

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